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Introducing ARTUS

Do you want to know more about ARTUS? Then let us tell you our story!

Who had this brilliant idea?

Our association was founded/created by rector Joseph-François Angelloz, under the name of “TUS”, Théâtre Universitaire de Strasbourg (Strasbourg Academic Theater). The following president, Maurice Bayen, was very fond of theater and was a very active person! He appointed Jean Hurstel as general secretary. Thanks to him and his amazing team, students were able to explore experimental theatre on stage up to 1968.

So… When did it become ARTUS?

Colette Weil decided to change the association’s name into “ARTUS” in 1977. She allowed students to play on stage in France and even abroad.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2013 and so much has happened: 280 projects which represent more than 2000 performances involving all students!

ARTUS nowadays

Feeling like joining us? 

ARTUS means…