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Call for proposals

Put on your show

Thanks to ARTUS, you will be able to create your own show and gain experience in directing theatrical productions.

| FAQ :

Projects must be submitted by January 23, 2023. Applications must include:

– Cover page: candidate’s name, title of the work, name of the author, publisher, and translator, if applicable. If the candidate is the author, the complete text must be provided as soon as possible
– Presentation of the author
– Presentation of the work: synopsis, detailed summary, number of characters
– Significant excerpts from the text (maximum of two pages)
– Presentation of the candidate: contact information, education, artistic/theatrical experience, etc.
– Statement of intent for the creation project: justification for the choice of work and motivation, details of human needs (actors, artistic and technical team), desired period for performances, etc.
– Statement of intent for direction: direction orientations, envisaged scenography, possible intervention of other disciplines (music, singing, dancing, video, etc.).
– Estimated production budget (the sum allocated to the production budget [sets, costumes, props] is a maximum of €800): simple list of expenses to be expected for sets, costumes, props, and scenography.
In September, during the ARTUS opening meeting, directors present their project to the selection committee. If the project is selected, auditions and interviews take place to assemble a cast and produce the show.
Anyone motivated is welcome to propose a live performance project. ARTUS provides technical, financial, and human resources to enable its realization. Pre-existing groups are not accepted within the framework of this call for projects.

How it works